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If you are new to backpacking or a seasoned hiker, we are sure you will find yourself at home in this hilarious game about the wilderness.  Backcountry: The Game of Wilderness Survival is built for the trail.  In fact, that’s where it all began (read our story). It is a challenging game of skill, strategy and a lot of trail humor.

You will find yourself facing bears, fording rivers, and climbing through snow. All the while you must keep track of your food units, battle injuries and hold onto your gear.  The rewards are great! Scenic points await you at every turn and the fastest hiker enjoys some bonus time at the local gear store.  As you head into the Backcountry, be prepared to barter gear, exchange food for equipment and prepare for the countless dangers on the trail.  It is not for the faint of heart! Try the brand new Great Smoky Mountain Edition or the classic Appalachian Trail Edition.

Perhaps the best part of Backcountry is the true backcountry game experience. The game is designed on a waterproof, tear resistant map which folds neatly with all game components into a zipper bag. It is trail-ready. A shelter on the AT or a large rock next to a river are ideal settings to experience Backcountry with your hiking friends. This is not a game, it is a hike down memory lane of your best and fondest memories (or perhaps your darkest days!) on the trail.

Grab your copy today and hit the trail.  The Backcountry awaits!